Area-Twentyfive is a Nashville based neo-psychedelia indie rock band, named for the region in the brain that is extremely rich in serotonin transporters, which affect mood and memory formation.

Area-Twentyfive was given birth in 2014 by Bobby (Robert) and Joni McKeown, bringing together their separate musical experiences.  Originally from Philadelphia, where he played professionally for years, Bobby relocated to Nashville in 2001, where he continued as a session and touring drummer.  Born in upstate New York,  Joni planted roots in Nashville in 2011, after living in various parts of the country.  After they met in late 2013, it was natural for them to start a musical project together combining her singing and songwriting, with his drumming and songwriting.  This project became Area-Twentyfive – a musical collective made up of the McKeowns joined by various other artists.

Area-Twentyfive’s music encompasses a variety of genres; just as the human experience encompasses a variety of emotions.  It is their hope that you find a deep connection within their music that gives voice to what you have felt, what you feel now, what you will feel… and that which you will never forget. To paraphrase the words of Jeff Buckley:

 “(We)  don’t really need to be remembered. (But we) hope the music’s remembered.”

AREA-TWENTYFIVE (on The Columbia Sessions )
Bobby McKeown | Drums
Joni McKeown | Vocals
James Cox | Guitar (& Bass)
Javi Jones | Bass (& Guitar)

(Photo Credit: John Brown)

(Special thanks to Helen S. Mayberg, MD – Professor, Psychiatry, Neurology and Radiology – for the use of her notes above.)